The procedure for registration of ownership in Ukraine

Since 2016, in Ukraine, registration of property rights has been carried out according to new rules. Now the registration of any real estate, be it a country house or an apartment, will be carried out electronically. Property rights are confirmed only by an entry in the “State Register of Real Property Rights”, without issuing a paper certificate.

Major changes

In addition to changing the method of state registration of rights to real estate and revoking the certificate, the restriction on registration of property was removed from notaries. That is, now there is no need to carry out such notarial actions as the certification of a contract for the sale or donation of real estate in order to register the property in the state register.

The term for registration of rights has also changed, which can last from two hours to five days. In addition, the cost of this service will directly depend on the duration of the operation. The administrative fee increases with the acceleration of entering information into the database and amounts to 6890 UAH for 2 hours of waiting and only 140 UAH for 5 days.

What objects are subject to state registration

According to the new legislation, the following property objects are subject to state registration:

  • Apartments and houses;
  • Residential and non-residential premises;
  • Buildings as a whole and their individual components;
  • Land;
  • Enterprises as single property complexes.

The law also identifies objects that do not require registration of ownership:

  • Minerals;
  • MAFs;
  • Plants;
  • Temporary non-capital buildings that can be moved without changing their value and purpose;
  • Structures belonging to the main property or its component.

Where can you apply

There are two places where you can make the registration of ownership:

  • The first is a notary, from whom you can resolve all issues regarding real estate, regardless of its location;
  • The second is the Admin Service Center (state registrar).

Registration of ownership – procedure

The first step is to fill out an electronic application, which is registered in the database of submitted applications for registration of real estate. The following scanned documents must be submitted with it:

  • Passport data;
  • Identification code;
  • Sale and purchase agreement, donation, certificate of inheritance, that is, papers confirming property rights.

You will also need to provide a receipt for the payment of the administration fee.

During the formation of an electronic package of documents and their entry into the register, the notary is obliged to verify the powers of the person submitting the documents and identify him. The applicant bears full responsibility for the accuracy of the data in the submitted documents, and the notary for the compliance of electronic copies with their physical originals.

After checking all the documents, a decision is made to enter the data in the state register or to refuse, for technical or other reasons. If everything is done correctly and there are no claims, then information about the property is entered into the database and an extract from the register is issued. The applicant can download such a document independently from the Internet, since the form does not have any signatures or seals.

Resolving controversial issues

Regulatory legal acts governing the registration of ownership of real estate have not yet been completely brought in line with the new laws, which is why subjective opinions may arise on the solution of identical situations.

If you disagree with the decision of an official or a notary, then there is an opportunity to appeal against their actions in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine or in its branches.

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