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The main objective of our project is to provide prompt qualified legal assistance to site visitors in the form of online consultations and legal services.

Legal advice online

You can consult WebYurist by phone or popular messaging applications. Please use the phone number provided to contact you.

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Everyone has the right to be aware of their rights and obligations, but not everyone has the opportunity and time to understand the intricacies of the Legislation. You can not waste your time studying endless jurisprudence and just ask our specialist a question in a convenient form on this site at any time and get a quick and competent answer.

In order to ask a written question, you do not need to register on the WebYurist website. Just formulate your question, if possible, leave your contact details and send a written request to WebYurist’s email address and you will promptly receive a qualified answer.

To receive advice, legal assistance or legal services, you can also use other contacts of the WebYurist website.

The WebYurist website presents various legal materials, practical aids for solving legal problems, which you can also familiarize yourself with.

Legal services from WebYurist

Family matters

For individuals

For Busines

Legal services provided by WebYurist include the provision of legal assistance in matters of legal relations: legal entities and individuals, residents, non-residents arising in the course of financial and economic activities, civil and administrative relations, criminal procedure (including accompaniment of a lawyer in a lawsuit), etc..

WebYurist’s clients are individuals and legal entities, including those temporarily residing on the territory of Ukraine, as well as foreigners who need legal assistance. You can learn more about the services in other sections of the site.

Practical experience in providing legal services and legal assistance, experience in supporting financial and economic activities and experience in participating in investment projects shows that in order to achieve the goals stated by clients and achieve maximum results, high-quality planning and a professional organized approach to business are necessary.

Within the framework of cooperation, WebYurist offers the following principles for organizing relationships:

  • A clear definition of the goals and objectives of the client;
  • The maximum possible planning of activities to achieve the set goals, taking into account emerging risks;
  • Involvement of professionals in the process of implementation of the planned activities;
  • Focus on results.

The practical experience of solving legal problems by WebYurist specialists is the key to obtaining results and achieving the goals stated by the client.

The site and materials posted on it are the property of the authors and specialists of WebYurist. Ensuring the work, editing, posting and maintenance of information on the site is carried out by the information department of the organization (technical support contact numbers are indicated on the page).

We are confident that you will get the desired result and our experience and specialists will help you save your time and money! Contact us for services!

Information legal support

An important direction of the WebYurist site is the publication of legal materials regarding legal problems that arise before site visitors and our clients.

The WebYurist website constantly publishes new articles on Legislation and practical guides for solving specific legal issues and life problems.

First of all, WebYurist strives to help you understand the essence of the problem and how to resolve it and build a competent legal position to effectively protect your legal rights.

Awareness of the essence of the legal problem and the mechanisms for its resolution will achieve an effective result in its resolution.

An important aspect of the legal materials posted on our website is that they take into account the peculiarities of judicial practice related to the resolution of individual legal issues, situations and disputes.

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