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  • How to get child support in Kiev?

    How to get child support in Kiev?

    The need to receive alimony in Kiev may arise if one of the parents refuses to voluntarily support the child. According to the law of Ukraine, mother and father are obliged to provide for their offspring until they reach the age of eighteen. It doesn’t matter if they are married or not. Therefore, when the […]

  • Collection of alimony in Ukraine 2018-2020

    Collection of alimony in Ukraine 2018-2020

    In 2018, significant amendments were made to the law on alimony payments in Ukraine. The minimum size and procedure for payments to minors was increased, as well as the liability for payment evasion was tightened. The innovations are aimed at strengthening the protection of children’s rights and ensuring their proper content. Now it has become […]

  • Deprivation of driver’s license for alimony in Ukraine

    Due to the fact that the number of cases on the enforced recovery of alimony in Ukraine continues to grow, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada decided to strengthen the responsibility for non-payment. In 2017, more than 600 thousand residents of the country tried to evade their responsibilities to provide for their minor children. Therefore, […]

  • What is the minimum amount of alimony in Ukraine

    Ukrainian legislation provides for a certain minimum amount of alimony for a child, which is 30% of the subsistence minimum for children of the corresponding age. An exception is the payment of alimony in a fixed amount. The fixed payment may be less than the established minimum, but in this case the difference is compensated […]

  • How to write a support agreement

    In order to avoid disputes and conflicts in the future regarding the maintenance of a minor child, former spouses can draw up an agreement on the payment of alimony. The contract is concluded voluntarily with the mutual consent of both parents and is notarized. The signing of such an agreement does not mean that parents […]

  • Is child support paid for a child over 18 years old in Ukraine?

    After a divorce, a lot of questions always arise about the maintenance of minor children, and one of them is whether child support is paid for a child after 18 years of age? It is an indisputable fact that parents should help their offspring. That is why the law obliges them to support children until […]

  • Alimony for children in Ukraine

    The current legislation provides that parents are obliged to support their children until they reach the age of majority, that is, up to 18 years. Sometimes this circumstance causes a lot of controversy and disagreement, because not everyone succeeds in maintaining the well-being and integrity of the family. In such situations, the issue of paying […]

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