How to adopt a child

Such a concept as adoption evokes different responses in society. Some people are not ready to raise other people’s children, and some take several kids into their family. The trend is that more and more couples agree to become adoptive parents if they have enough funds for raising. But most come to this question because of the inability to have their own child. In any case, it is worth knowing what is the adoption procedure in Ukraine.

How to start the adoption procedure

By law, the adopted person receives all the same rights and obligations as the parents’ own child. That is, in addition to the right to inheritance and custody, the son or daughter undertakes to take care of their new parents when they grow old. After registration of documents, all rights of biological relatives in relation to the adopted child are canceled.

In order to start the adoption process, you must submit a package of documents to the Children’s Services in the area of ​​residence. You will need the following papers:

  • A copy of the passport data of the spouses;
  • Certificate with information about the earnings of each applicant for the last 6 months. The tax return for the last year will also work;
  • A copy of the marriage certificate of the spouses;
  • Medical certificate of the couple’s health;
  • In case of single adoption, notarial permission from the second spouse is required;
  • Certificate confirming the absence of a criminal record;
  • Documents confirming the existence of the spouses’ place of residence.

After submitting all the necessary documents, within a ten-day period, the reasons for the adoption of the child by the candidates are checked. The future of the family’s place of residence is examined and an act is drawn up. The case is considered and an appropriate decision is made. If all is well, then the adoptive parents are issued a positive opinion and documents for adoption. These papers allow spouses to contact various Child Affairs Services throughout Ukraine and contact children.

Child’s choice

In order to choose a baby for adoption, you will need to contact the Central Department for Adoption or its regional branches. There, potential adoptive parents will be provided with information about children:

  • A photo;
  • Gender, name and date of birth;
  • Health information;
  • Description of biological parents;
  • Characterization of mental and physical abilities;
  • Legal basis for adoption;
  • Character information;
  • Place of residence.

After the spouses have chosen the baby they are interested in, a contact permit is issued to them, which can be used for 10 days. Acquaintance takes place only under the supervision of a representative of the Children’s Affairs Service.

Submission of documents to court

When the parents-to-be are determined with the child they want to adopt, they are required to apply to the adoption service where the child lives. After that, within a ten-day period, the employees of the service prepare a list of documents for submission to the judicial institution. As a result, the following documents will be required:

  • Statement of intent to adopt a child;
  • A document confirming the feasibility of adoption;
  • A document confirming the compliance of the place of residence of the adopter with all the norms of the law;
  • Documents proving the presence of a dwelling;
  • Certificate of income of the spouses;
  • A copy of the marriage certificate;
  • Medical certificate of the health status of the spouses;
  • Proof of no criminal record;
  • A copy of the baby’s birth certificate;
  • Document confirming the status of the adopted child:
  • Documents confirming the death of the baby’s parents;
  • Documents confirming the deprivation of biological parents of the rights to upbringing;
  • Permission from biological parents for adoption;
  • Evidence that the child has been thrown;
  • A document confirming the consent of the orphanage or the child to his adoption;
  • Certificate of non-attendance of the baby by the parents;
  • Medical certificate of health status;
  • The act of contact between the baby and the adoptive parents.

Within a ten-day period, a court decision is made in the adoption case. After that, the spouses must pick up the child. This takes place in the presence of a child care specialist. Also, parents are required to register the baby at the passport office at the place of residence and purchase a certificate of adoption and birth of a child from the registry office.

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