Развод «под ключ» в Украине

A turnkey divorce is the dissolution of a marriage by a lawyer from start to finish, that is, from filing a statement of claim to receiving a court decision. By ordering such a service, you get rid of the need to understand the intricacies of Ukrainian family legislation. The lawyer does all the necessary actions […]

Развод онлайн в Украине

Due to the increasing burden on state civil registration authorities, it has become possible to file for divorce online in Ukraine. Now you can send papers for divorce through the web portal of the Ministry of Justice. You do not have to waste time and energy for a trip to the registry office to initiate […]

расторжения брака в Киеве

Divorce in Kiev is a common thing, because it is especially difficult to maintain harmony in family life in a large metropolis. The fast pace of life and constant stressful situations adversely affect the climate within the family. That is why many do not stand up and get divorced. But when faced with a confusing […]

Быстрый развод в Киеве

A quick divorce in Kiev may be needed at any time. First of all, in order to obtain a certificate of divorce. This document is necessary in different areas of life, so you should take care of getting it in advance. But it so happens that for some reason, the ex-husband and wife pull up […]