The cost of legal services

Here you can find out the cost of legal services on the WebJurist website. The presented prices are basic and can change up or down depending on the required labor costs.

Family cases

Name of legal services Price in UAH
Legal advice 300
Divorce “economy”, “turnkey”, “premium” 700 / 6000 / 12500
Drawing up a statement of claim 700
Drafting a contract 1000
Departure of a specialist in Kiev / Kiev region. / up to 150 km. / 150-300 km. / more than 300 km. бесплатно / 400 / 1200 / 1800 / 2500
Representing your interests at a court hearing 1000
Recovery of alimony 1750
Division of property 5000

Tax law

Name of legal services  Price in UAH
Obtaining TIN 1000
Administrative appeal of tax notices-decisions to a higher instance 3000
Appealing tax notices-decisions in the administrative court 4000

Economic activity

Name of legal services Price in UAH
Drafting legal documents (orders, instructions, acts, etc.) 300
Drawing up foreign economic agreements, contracts 1000
Representation of interests in court 4000

Civil law

Name of legal services  Price in UAH
Debt collection, including by receipts negotiable price
Execution of court decisions negotiable price
Protection of consumer rights in disputes under contracts for the provision of services, sale of goods, performance of work negotiable price
Compensation for damage negotiable price
Invalidation of contracts of donation, purchase and sale and other negotiable price
Forced amendments to a contract in a judicial proceeding negotiable price
Labor disputes negotiable price
Legalization of unauthorized construction 5000
Registration of ownership of an apartment, house, land plot 1500

Registration and liquidation of enterprises

Name of legal services Price in UAH
Registration of LLC, PE 1600
Registration of EAS 800
Liquidation of enterprises by the decision of owners 5000
Express liquidation by selling corporate rights in 1 day 6000
Liquidation through bankruptcy proceedings 15000
Purchase of the enterprise договорная
Sale of the enterprise договорная

Other services

Name of legal services  Price in UAH
Obtaining apostille 500
Obtaining a passport 1000

This is not all that the WebJurist team can offer. In order to find out the prices for legal services in more detail, you can contact our representative by phone. It is also possible to ask a question to an online consultant. After a preliminary analysis of your situation, we will make you an advantageous offer.

Each question is unique and requires an individual approach for optimal solution. The cost of legal services depends on many factors: the legal complexity of the case, the number of parties to the litigation, the time it takes for a specialist to familiarize himself with the case materials, collection and preparation of evidence, the total number of hearings in which the court proceeds, the need for business trips, etc. .d.

At the same time, we believe that every citizen has the right to qualified and affordable legal assistance. Therefore, we always go to meet our clients, offering the best prices for legal services.

Payment can be made on different conditions and is negotiated in each case individually. There are several options:

  • 100% advance payment;
  • payment in installments;
  • upon completion.