Family lawyer

Семейный юристA family lawyer is a specialist in the field of family law with sufficient experience and knowledge to resolve conflict situations between relatives. Its main tasks are to provide qualified legal assistance and protect the interests of the ward. This specialist often has to work with people who are in an emotionally unstable state in which they are unable to make rational decisions. That is why the family lawyer needs to be the voice of reason. An experienced lawyer is able to find a way out of any even the most difficult situation.

Family lawyer assistance in Kiev

A specialist in family affairs may be required at any time, and especially in Kiev, where the pace of life is much faster than in the regions. After all, we are constantly faced with problems that require in-depth legal knowledge, for example:

  • at the conclusion or dissolution of marriage;
  • during the process of inheritance or donation;
  • upon adoption, registration of guardianship or guardianship;
  • recovery of alimony;
  • eviction or check-in;
  • challenging paternity.

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Each of these cases is a strictly defined procedure with a clear sequence of actions. If the next procedural moment is performed incorrectly or not on time, you can spend a lot of time and effort, while not achieving anything. In order to avoid such a development of events, it is necessary to use the help of a family lawyer. A qualified specialist will not let you get into trouble and will provide an effective solution to the problem.

What do we offer?

The WebJurist team consists of experienced law experts who are well versed in the norms of Ukrainian legislation. One of the main areas of our activity is the provision of services in the field of family law. We have already helped hundreds of clients in solving their problems. Our family specialists are competent in the following matters:

  • Drawing up a statement of claim.
  • Written or oral legal advice.
  • Accompanying the divorce proceedings.
  • Drawing up a marriage contract.
  • Recovery of alimony.
  • Drawing up an agreement on the maintenance of one of the spouses.
  • Registration of the regime of separate residence of spouses.
  • Invalidation of the marriage.
  • Representation of interests in court.
  • Assistance in resolving property disputes.
  • Deprivation / restoration of parental rights.

This list is not exhaustive. We are ready to take on any issues requiring qualified legal assistance. However, our team of experienced family lawyers offers comprehensive solutions. You don’t need to look for different executors for divorce and alimony collection. We will do everything ourselves and save you money and hassle.

Our advantages

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If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive family lawyer in Kiev, then you have come to the right place. We will solve your problem as soon as possible. We approach each new business with all seriousness and responsibility. We adhere to a policy of complete transparency in working with clients. Having once determined the procedure for performing and paying for the tasks assigned to us, we no longer change the terms of cooperation.

It is very important for us that the client remains completely satisfied with our service. We know how hard it is to find a good family specialist in Kiev. Most lawyers take on any case, just to get a monetary reward, while not really understanding the specifics of the issue. The team of the WebJurist portal does not do this, we offer services only from those areas in which we are confident. Cooperation with us gives you the following benefits:

  • guaranteed result;
  • fast and effective solution;
  • A complex approach;
  • compliance with confidentiality principles;
  • high-quality information support;
  • optimal conditions for cooperation.

How we are working?

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By contacting us, you can be sure of an excellent end result. It is possible to contact us both by phone and through the feedback form. WebJurist staff are always ready to answer your questions.

After listening to your problem, our team of experienced family lawyers will first of all conduct a thorough analysis of it. Then the optimal solution will be offered. You can take on this process yourself or use our services. In any case, you can count on our full and unconditional support.

If you decide to trust our family lawyers, then an agreement will be concluded with you, after which we will begin to directly fulfill our duties. Payment is made in installments or immediately in full. It all depends on the service provided. At the same time, we do not finish the work until you get the desired result.

    • Statement of claim
    • 700 UAH
    • Document analysis
    • Consultation and judicial strategy
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • Receipt for payment of court fees
    • Divorce "Turnkey"
    • 6000 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • 1 court hearing
    • Obtaining a ready court decision
    • Premium Divorce Package
    • 12500 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • All court hearings
    • Obtaining a ready court decision