Recovery of alimony in Ukraine 2018-2020

In 2018, significant amendments were made to the law on alimony payments in Ukraine. The minimum size and procedure for payments to minors was increased, as well as the liability for payment evasion was tightened. The innovations are aimed at strengthening the protection of children’s rights and ensuring their proper content. Now it has become much easier to collect alimony in Ukraine, and non-payment of deductions to children promises serious fines and restrictions.
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The amount of alimony in Ukraine

At the moment, the minimum amount of alimony payments is 100% of the subsistence minimum for a child of a certain age, that is:

  • children under 6 receive UAH 1,559;
  • children aged 6-18 receive – 1944 UAH.

The maximum amount of alimony that can be collected is equal to the sum of ten living wages for a child of a certain age:

  • children under 6 receive UAH 15590;
  • children aged 6-18 receive – 19440 UAH.

At the same time, it should be noted that alimony can be paid in two forms:

  • in a fixed amount of money to be indexed;
  • as a percentage of the payer’s income.

The recipient himself determines in what form the alimony will be collected. The first case is more suitable for alimony workers without a stable income and a permanent place of work. But this form of deductions has a significant drawback – the amount of payments does not change if the parent’s earnings increase. It is possible to recalculate alimony in hard cash only with the help of a court. In this case, it will be necessary to prove the need to increase the amount deducted.

In the second case, the amount of alimony received depends on the number of children and is a part of the parent’s income:

  • One child is a quarter;
  • Two children – a third;
  • Three or more – half.

The procedure for collecting alimony in Ukraine 2020

Now it is easier to get the minimum amount of alimony payments. The legislator has facilitated the procedure for collecting deductions from children. You will not have to sue for a long time and collect a lot of evidence. All that needs to be done is to submit a statement of claim to the judicial institution at the place of residence, as well as copies of such documents:

  • marriage certificate;
  • birth certificates of children;
  • family member certificates;
  • passport data;
  • identification code;
  • a document confirming the termination of the marriage relationship.

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All papers must be submitted in two samples. One remains in the court, the second is sent to the defendant. When collecting the minimum amount of alimony, the court considers the case without inviting the parties. The judge decides on the appointment of deductions for the child and writes out a court order, which is sent to the enforcement service. On the basis of this document, the inspector proceeds to implement the court decision.

If the parent wants to receive more than the minimum amount of alimony, then court proceedings cannot be avoided. A court session will be scheduled, at which both parties must appear. The complainant will need to provide evidence that the child needs additional funds. The following circumstances are taken into account:

  • income level and general welfare of the defendant;
  • availability of real estate;
  • the number of dependents to whom the defendant pays alimony;
  • the quality of the child’s material support;
  • other possible costs necessary for the child – treatment, education, etc.

The judicial institution weighs all the evidence and issues a verdict. This decision can be appealed by the defendant in the court of appeal.

Responsibility for non-payment of alimony

To reduce the number of alimony debtors, the legislator decided to toughen the liability for evasion of alimony payments. Now, if a parent does not transfer the due funds to his child for 3 months, then the following sanctions are imposed on him:

  • deprivation of the right to travel abroad;
  • withdrawal of driver’s license;
  • restriction of the right to use weapons.

If there is a repeated debt within a year, a punishment in the form of community service with a duration of 240 to 360 hours may be applied to the alimony. If the subject evades this measure, then he is arrested for ten days. Further actions aimed at avoiding punishment entail criminal liability and imprisonment for up to 2 years. Also, failure to pay alimony for more than a year leads to an increase in the amount of debt by 20%, more than 2 years by 30%, more than 3 years by 50%.

    • Statement of claim for alimony
    • 700 UAH
    • Document analysis
    • Consultation online or by phone
    • Trial strategy
    • Drawing up a statement of claim
    • Simplified collection of alimony
    • 2000 UAH
    • Document analysis
    • Drawing up a statement of claim
    • Obtaining a court order
    • Opening of enforcement proceedings
    • Recovery of alimony - general procedure
    • 6000 UAH
    • Consulting and trial strategy
    • Drawing up and filing a statement of claim in court
    • Case management "turnkey"
    • Maximum payouts