Divorce with a foreigner without his presence in Ukraine

Развод с иностранцем без его присутствия в Украине 1One of the most frequent tasks that a family lawyer has to solve is divorce with a foreigner without his presence. Such a need arises for spouses with different citizenships and who do not want or are unable to travel to another country to register for divorce. Such situations happen all the time and require a qualified approach to resolve. It is necessary to understand not only the domestic legislation, but also the family code of the country from which the foreign spouse comes from. It is possible to divorce a foreigner at a distance, either with his consent or without. Now let’s consider this issue in more detail.

How does a divorce with a foreigner happen without his presence?

If the spouses have no minor children and they both agree to divorce, then the divorce procedure can be carried out at the Civil Registry Office. But this requires the personal presence of a foreign citizen. The only way to dissolve a marriage without the presence of a foreigner in Ukraine is to go to court. In this case, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Execution of a power of attorney for a representative in court.

This can be done at the consulate of Ukraine or at any nearest notary. Only, when drawing up a power of attorney with a notary, it still needs to be legalized on the territory of Ukraine, as well as translated and notarized.

  1. Drawing up a statement of claim for divorce.

The claim must be drawn up in accordance with all the rules of jurisprudence and contain arguments that facilitate the adoption of the required decision by the court.

  1. Payment of the court fee for the claim and submission of the package of documents to the court.

In 2019, the court fee is 0.4 of the minimum subsistence level (UAH 768.40). The receipt of payment is submitted to the judicial institution along with copies of the marriage certificate, passport data, TIN and a copy of the birth certificate of children (if any).

  1. The court sets a date for the meeting, approximately 3-5 weeks after the submission of documents.
  2. In order to be able to divorce a foreigner without his presence, it is also necessary to issue a written permission from the absent spouse to divorce without him and send the document to the representative.
  3. On the day appointed by the court, the proxy must appear at the judicial institution to represent the interests of the foreign spouse. You must have a power of attorney and passport with you.

If everything goes smoothly – the statement of claim is drawn up correctly, there are no serious disputes between the spouses, everyone agrees to divorce, then the court may decide to dissolve the marriage with a foreigner without his presence already at the first meeting. But this is not always the case. If there are not enough compelling reasons for divorce in the opinion of the judge, then he can set a period for reconciliation, which lasts up to 6 months. Also, if the defendant did not appear at the hearing, on purpose or unintentionally, the court will be postponed to another date. This can happen up to three times, but in the end, the court will be forced to divorce you even without the presence of the second party.


Help in divorce with a foreigner at a distance

The procedure described above has a lot of nuances that are known only to an experienced lawyer. There are many features of divorce in the presence of children, property disputes, the refusal of the other party to divorce and other cases that require careful analysis and legal assessment. In order for your divorce with a citizen of another country to go through without problems and in the shortest possible time, you need to enlist the help of qualified experts in law. You can find such professionals on our WebJurist website. Contacting us for help gives you:
Развод с иностранцем без его присутствия в Украине

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