Searching for a court decision in Ukraine

Поиск решения суда в Украине 1For many citizens, a very urgent issue is the search for court decisions in the Unified State Register of Court Cases of Ukraine. A similar problem can arise in a variety of cases, for example: if you were not present at the hearing in person, but you need to find out what the court ruled; when checking counterparties for skeletons in the closet; if you need to obtain a certificate of divorce; when trying to get insurance compensation after an accident, etc. Whatever the reason for looking for a lawsuit, finding the information you need is sometimes not easy. Therefore, we decided to help you understand a little about this issue.

What is the unified state register of court cases in Ukraine?

USRSR is an automated base for storing, protecting, recording, searching and receiving electronic copies of court decisions. In this register it is possible to find and get acquainted with court decisions on criminal, administrative, civil, economic and other cases of all judicial bodies of Ukraine, from courts of general jurisdiction to specialized courts. In addition, information is available not only on final decisions, but also on intermediate ones.

The search for a court decision in the USRSR can be carried out completely free of charge, since it is a publicly available database. The register is posted on the official web portal of the judiciary and works around the clock. At the same time, the court decisions included in the database cannot contain information thanks to which it is possible to directly identify an individual.

How to look for decisions in the USRSR

The main page of the unified register of court decisions contains data entry fields for searching court decisions. It is possible to search for the required case by the following parameters:

  • context – an extract from the text of the judgment;
  • information about the court and the judge who conducted the case – region, name of the court, full name, instance;
  • information about the trial – category, form of legal proceedings, case number;
  • information about the judgment – registration number, period of adoption, form.

Поиск решения суда в Украине 2
In order for the search to be carried out as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to adhere to some rules and techniques:

  • To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks “”. By enclosing a passage of text from the court decision in quotation marks, you will receive all documents containing this key request.
  • If you know only part of the case number or are not sure about some numbers, then unknown characters can be replaced with a question mark. For example, decision No. 134/2? 3-12.
  • To search for the main part of a word, you must put a symbol (*) after it. In this case, there must be at least 3 letters in front of the asterisk.
  • To search for one of several queries, you just need to put the logical OR operator between them.
  • You can search for all words at once, simply by listing them separated by a space. But in order to find documents containing phrases, you need to separate them with the AND operator.
  • To search and exclude certain words from the results, you must precede them with the NOT operator. In this case, there must be at least two words.
  • In order for the solutions found to necessarily contain some word, you need to use the (+) sign, after which the required key is indicated. To exclude certain words, use the (-) sign.
  • You can also combine different search methods. To do this, you need to use the parentheses that are placed after the AND operator.

If you still did not manage to find the required documents, then you can always turn to the specialists of our website for help in finding court decisions. Experienced lawyers can easily find the necessary