Is child support paid for a child over 18 years old in Ukraine?

алименты на ребенка после 18_1After a divorce, a lot of questions always arise about the maintenance of minor children, and one of them is whether child support is paid for a child after 18 years of age? It is an indisputable fact that parents should help their offspring. That is why the law obliges them to support children until they reach adulthood. But if the child has already turned eighteen, what obligations do the parents have? Can an ex-spouse be forced to pay assistance to a child who is already considered an adult?

When is child support paid after 18?

The laws of Ukraine, and in particular, Article 198 of the CKU provide for the obligation of parents to support their children until they reach the age of majority. At the same time, the legislators made a reservation that the payment of alimony to a child after 18 can continue, but only in specific cases and with the obligatory condition that parents have funds to help their offspring. Such cases include:

  • Incapacity for work;
  • Disability.

Another possible option for paying alimony for a child after 18 years old is the admission of the offspring to study at a university in a hospital. In this case, by Article 199 of the CKU, the parents are obliged to financially support their child until he reaches 23 years of age or until he stops studying. Also, the obligation to pay alimony is terminated upon transfer to correspondence education.

Alimony is paid for a child over 18 years old in Ukraine in the same form as for minor children:

  • In a fixed amount of money (such alimony is subject to indexation);
  • As a percentage of total income.

How is child support collected for an adult?

алименты на ребенка после 18_2In order to collect alimony for a child over 18 years old, you will need to draw up a claim and file it in court. The application can be sent to the judicial institution at the place of residence of the plaintiff or the defendant. Both the child himself and his parent can file a claim for the recovery of alimony in the interests of the offspring.

The procedure for collecting funds from an adult child is governed by the same rules of law as in situations with minor children. That is, in addition to drawing up a statement of claim for alimony, the following documents must be submitted to the court:

  • A copy of the marriage certificate and its dissolution (if the parent submits the application);
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • A copy of the applicant’s and offspring’s passport details;
  • Certificate from the university that the child is studying;
  • Medical certificate of disability or incapacity for work (if alimony is collected for disability);
  • Defendant’s income statement;
  • Other documents indicating the need for material assistance.

If it was not possible to get a certificate of the defendant’s income, then you can file a petition to request a tax return on the income of the alimony worker for the past year.

After the court makes a decision on the recovery of alimony for a child after 18 years of age, the plaintiff must receive a writ of execution and apply to the state executive service with it. Together with the writ of execution, you will need to submit an application for collection. This will serve as the basis for the state executor to reclaim the alimony debt from the defendant.

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