How to choose a family lawyer in Kiev?

семейный юрист Киев 1The issue of choosing a family lawyer in Kiev is very acute. Primarily because this is a specialist who must be able to solve a number of problems such as divorce, division of property, adoption, establishing paternity and much more. The competence of a lawyer includes issues related to disputes between spouses and relatives. Such cases are usually complicated by the powerful emotional states of the parties. But this should not affect the objectivity of such a professional as a family lawyer. Kiev offers a wide range of such specialists, but how to find a really reliable one?

What to look for

The main criterion for evaluating a family lawyer is his experience. A specialist who has passed more than one court session and analyzed many cases is able to offer more effective solutions than a green novice, only from an institute. Yes, in theory, most lawyers know the procedural rules. But the practice is significantly different from how it should be by law.

Therefore, if you need a good family lawyer in Kiev, you should look for a specialist with solid experience. At the same time, such a lawyer will not come cheap. Usually, experienced lawyers develop a stable client base over time, and therefore they are not always ready to take on difficult or unprofitable cases. As with everything else, you have to pay more for quality.

On the other hand, if you need to resolve a simple legal issue, such as divorce by mutual consent, and you simply do not have time to deal with this, then you can limit yourself to an inexpensive specialist. Why pay extra for procedures that do not require special knowledge. You can entrust such things to young professionals.

It is also worth paying attention to the form of payment for the services of a family lawyer in Kiev. There are several options:

  • hourly;
  • fixed;

Each method has its own advantages and, depending on the nature of the required services, should be negotiated differently. For example, if you need to get a divorce, then most likely it is better to pay for a comprehensive service, since it is not known how long it will take to carry out this procedure. At the same time, legal advice can be paid hourly, as it does not last long. Although, in most cases, family lawyers in Kiev use a combined fee.

Personal meeting with a lawyer

To assess the qualifications of a family lawyer, you can meet with him personally. Many law experts offer preliminary advice on an issue of interest. True, you definitely need to clarify whether it is paid or not. With personal contact, it will immediately become clear to what extent the lawyer understands your issue. Usually, experienced lawyers already have ready-made solutions, but this is only if you have a standard case.

It will not be superfluous to ask a few clarifying questions to a lawyer:

  • How long have you been practicing?
  • Do you often face similar problems?
  • Who will handle my issue – you or one of your colleagues?
  • What is the form of payment?
  • Which of your specialized knowledge will help in solving this case?

семейный юрист Киев 4
You will have to assess how confidently the specialist answers and how he holds himself in general. If you like everything, then you can safely conclude an agreement for obtaining legal services. Using these recommendations, you can easily find yourself a good family lawyer from Kiev. And with a qualified specialist, no trouble is terrible.