How to draw up a statement for alimony

If you suddenly need to apply for alimony, then the best option would be to contact a professional lawyer, since only a qualified specialist can know all the nuances Заявление на алименты 1 of drawing up a statement of claim. But if you do not have the opportunity or funds to pay for the services of a law expert, then you can draw up an application yourself. To do this, you should use the tips given in this article.

The structure of the application for alimony

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there are different grounds for demanding alimony, but in any case, whether it is a claim for the recovery of alimony for a child or parents, or for a disabled spouse, the claim consists of several parts:

  • Hats;
  • Descriptive part;
  • Motivational part;
  • The pleading part;

In this case, we will consider the case of writing an application for the recovery of child support.


The heading indicates the name of the judicial institution to which the claim is filed, the parties to the case, the price of the claim, if any. Usually a claim is filed at the place of residence of the defendant, but in some cases the law provides for the possibility of filing an application in the area of ​​residence of the plaintiff.

The parties to the case are the plaintiff, who is demanding the payment of alimony, and the defendant, the person who is legally obliged to pay the child support. Third parties can also be involved in the proceedings, but their involvement must be justified. The names of the plaintiff and the defendant, their place of residence and telephone numbers are indicated here.

The cost of the claim when filing an application for alimony is the aggregate of all required payments, but not more than six months in advance. After that, in the middle of the sheet, the name of the claim is written – “Statement of claim for the recovery of alimony.”

Descriptive part

Заявление на алименты 2The descriptive part indicates the factual circumstances of the case, with the aim of explaining the situation to the court. In this case, you will need to indicate the date and place of registration of the marriage. The date and authority that registered the divorce, or the time from which the plaintiff and the defendant do not live together. The presence of joint children and their data are also indicated.

Motivational part

This is where the arguments in favor of satisfying the application for alimony fit in, which consist of articles of regulatory legal acts confirming the need for payments, and other reasons why the claim should be approved by the court.

Request part

In this part, the plaintiff writes his claims. That is, here the applicant must write about what he wants to receive from the defendant. It is important to keep in mind that the court cannot award more than was requested, so your claims should be formulated clearly and thoughtfully.


At the end, the list of attached documents is indicated, which consists of the following documents:

  • Application for alimony (copy);
  • Divorce certificate (two copies);
  • Child’s birth certificate (two copies);
  • Certificate from the housing office about the place of residence of the children (original and copy);
  • Certificate from the alimony worker (original and copy);
  • Plaintiff’s passport details.

The application for alimony ends with the date of filing and the signature of the applicant.

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