How to write a support agreement

In order to avoid disputes and conflicts in the future regarding the maintenance of a minor child, former spouses can draw up an agreement on the payment of alimony. Соглашение об уплате алиментов 1 The contract is concluded voluntarily with the mutual consent of both parents and is notarized. The signing of such an agreement does not mean that parents do not trust each other. It is just a convenient way to regulate material relationships.

What is an alimony agreement?

An alimony agreement is an agreement that defines the conditions for the provision of material assistance by the alimony payer to their recipient. It approves the timing, amount and procedure for payments. As well as other conditions at the discretion of the parties to the contract.

Usually, the child support agreement is between the representatives of the children and one of the parents. But situations are possible when alimony is paid to parents, a disabled spouse, etc. Therefore, such an agreement can be concluded between all subjects of alimony relations.

If, after the conclusion of the contract, the financial situation of one of the parties has significantly changed, then the clauses of the agreement may be revised voluntarily or judicially. The execution of the clauses of the contract must be monitored by the state executive service. That is, in the event of a parent’s evasion of their duties, it is necessary to go there, and not to court.

Content of the alimony contract

The main condition of the agreement is the periodic payment of funds to the recipient of the alimony. The agreement specifies the day of the month or period in which the payment must be made. The amount of alimony is prescribed in UAH. The funds are transferred to a bank card or current account. It is also possible to pay by cash, but only if the transfer of money is documented.

In addition, material assistance can be provided in a different form:

  • Transfer of securities;
  • Transfer of property;
  • In mixed form.

Соглашение об уплате алиментов 2
Due to the fact that alimony is indexed payments, a condition for an annual revision of their amount can be included in the agreement. At the same time, the agreement is drawn up in a free form, which implies the introduction of any conditions that do not contradict the law and the interests of the child.

It is worth noting that the amount of alimony cannot be lower than the minimum, which is 30% of the subsistence minimum for a child of a certain age. In addition, the contract may indicate possible payments for treatment, education and rest of the offspring.

Documents for concluding a contract

In order to officially register an agreement on the payment of alimony, you must submit the following documents to a notary:

  • Parents’ passport and TIN;
  • Divorce certificate;
  • Birth certificate of the child.

Without registering with a notary, the contract has no legal force. A sample of this agreement can be downloaded here.

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