How does a divorce with a foreigner happen in Ukraine

Usually, divorce with a foreigner, as well as registration of marriage with a citizen of another country, raises a lot of questions among people. This is due to ignorance of the laws of a foreign state, and of our own too. But in fact, the divorce procedure is practically no different from the usual dissolution of marriage with a compatriot.Развод с иностранцем 1

Divorce with a foreigner through the civil registry office

Dissolution of marriage with a foreigner through the civil registry office is possible if the married couple does not have common children and there is mutual consent to divorce. In all other cases, the termination of a marriage takes place through a court.

In order to divorce, spouses will need to submit an application to the civil registration authorities and come on the appointed day to carry out the divorce procedure. Usually, the date of registration of a divorce is set no earlier than one month after filing an application with the Civil Registry Office. But if a foreigner lives in another country and cannot appear to submit an application on his own, then a number of additional steps will be required.

A foreign citizen will need to translate the application to the Civil Registry Office into his native language and notarize it in his country. Then transfer it back to Ukraine. There, the second spouse translates it into Ukrainian and certifies it with a notary. In addition, in order to divorce a foreigner without his participation, his written permission for this is required. Such a document is prepared similarly to a statement to the Civil Registry Office.

Having prepared the papers, the Ukrainian spouse writes his own application for divorce and submits a package of documents to the Civil Registry Office. After the due time, the institution issues an act on the termination of the marriage relationship.


Divorce with a foreigner through court

Развод с иностранцем 2If a couple has children together, then the divorce process takes place through a judicial institution. To do this, the spouses will need to perform the same actions as for a divorce through the registry office, but only now the documents will be submitted to the court. That is, it is necessary to collect and legalize a fair amount of documents.

In addition, a mandatory requirement is the drafting of an agreement on the upbringing and material support of children, which indicates who and to what extent will take care of them, with whom they will live and how communication between children and parents will take place. It is also advisable to draw up an agreement on child support. This will help avoid problems with the material support of offspring in the future.

If only the Ukrainian spouse wants to divorce, then he will need to file a claim for divorce with a foreigner in court. Often in such situations they turn to a lawyer for advice or legal support in the divorce proceedings, since they have to overcome the resistance of the second spouse.

In order for an expert in law to be able to represent the interests of a spouse in a judicial institution, he will need to issue a power of attorney. Thanks to this, the client does not even need to appear at court sessions. All the necessary actions will be performed by a lawyer, and at the end he will issue an act on the termination of marriage with a foreigner.

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