How can you get a divorce quickly?

When the husband and wife no longer have the strength to argue with each other and further life together is not possible, the question arises – how can you quickly divorce? After all, the truth is – no one wants to delay this issue, usually, spouses want to end the marriage relationship as soon as possible and separate. But unfortunately, the procedure for divorce in Ukraine is rather complicated and it is not always possible to quickly implement it. This process depends on the circumstances, which determine the possible timing of the divorce.

Как можно быстро развестись 1What affects the rate of divorce?

There are two main reasons why a divorce can drag on indefinitely:

  • the married couple have joint children under the age of eighteen;
  • lack of mutual desire to divorce.

If a husband and wife have a child, this means that they will be able to divorce only through the courts, and they will need to resolve all issues regarding the material content and upbringing of the baby. For the fastest possible divorce in this case, the spouses will need to conclude an agreement “On the joint upbringing and material support of the child after the termination of the parents’ marriage. Without this agreement, the court will not begin the divorce proceedings, which can last from one to several months.

Also, a divorce occurs in court if one of the spouses is against the dissolution of the marriage. In this case, the plaintiff submits a statement of claim for divorce to the judicial institution, which must be drawn up in accordance with all the norms of the law. The right to unilateral exit from marriage is provided by the SKU. But such a process can take a very long time, since the second spouse can deliberately delay the divorce procedure.


How can you get a divorce quickly?

Как можно быстро развестись 2
It should be immediately clear that the minimum term for a divorce in Ukraine is 1 month. Faster than this, you will not be able to part with your soul mate. In this case, the dissolution of the marriage takes place in the Civil Registry Office. All that is needed for a quick divorce is the absence of children and a mutual desire to end the marriage. The spouses must come to the authorized body and fill out a joint application for divorce. After that, they return, on the date appointed by the employees of the institution, and confirm the dissolution of the marriage.

The period of one month before the official termination of family relations is the so-called conciliation period. This time is given to the spouses so that they weigh everything properly and possibly change their minds to disperse. If the couple still decided not to part, then they simply do not need to come to the registry office to confirm the divorce.

If you still do not understand how you can quickly divorce in your situation, then the best option would be to contact an experienced lawyer. A specialist will save you from the need to collect a bunch of documents and understand the rules of the law. If necessary, you can issue a power of attorney and not appear at all at court sessions or at the Civil Registry Office. A professional will help you save your money and prevent you from losing property in a legal dispute. At the same time, the divorce process will take place quickly and without problems.

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