Divorce lawsuit – price in Ukraine

In order to terminate a marriage relationship through a court in Ukraine, it is necessary to draw up a lawsuit for divorce, the price of which consists of the court fee and the services of a lawyer. Of course, you can try to draw up a statement of claim yourself, but no one guarantees that it will be accepted in court. The claim must be competently and professionally executed, taking into account all legal requirements. It must also reflect the correct requirements and reasons why the plaintiff wants to divorce.

Иск на развод – цена в Украине 1Court fee on a claim

The amount of the court fee in Ukraine in 2018 became equal to 40% of the subsistence minimum and is 704.8 UAH. It is this amount that the spouse will have to pay, who decided to file a lawsuit for divorce. The price of the state duty has increased in comparison with the last year by UAH 64.8. and will continue to increase further as the government plans to double the living wage twice this year.

When filing documents for divorce, a receipt for payment of the court fee must be among the list of papers, otherwise the court will not consider the application. It is possible to pay the state duty in two ways:

  • through the bank’s cash desk;
  • on the website of the judicial institution, and then print the receipt.

Cost of filing a divorce suit

In order for the court to be guaranteed to accept your application for divorce and everything went as it should, it is better to entrust the preparation of the claim to professionals. The average price for a qualified filing of a claim in Ukraine is 700 UAH. Turning to a lawyer has several advantages:

  • the most clear formulation of claims;
  • competent formation of links to laws;
  • saving time and effort.

Иск на развод – цена в Украине 2
Working with a specialist, you do not have to understand the intricacies of the Family Code of Ukraine. A professional will do everything for you, and, if necessary, may even appear on your behalf at a court hearing. In addition, thanks to the experience in such cases, the lawyer can provide useful advice on how best to file a divorce.

Other costs

In addition to the basic cost of filing a divorce suit, the price of a divorce proceedings can be increased due to additional legal costs such as:

  • the cost of a motion to secure evidence;
  • payment for the services of experts;
  • document translation fee.

At the same time, it should be noted that the plaintiff pays the costs when filing documents for divorce. But during the trial, the judge may decide to divide this responsibility between the former spouses or impose it on the defendant.

    • Statement of claim
    • 700 UAH
    • Document analysis
    • Consultation and judicial strategy
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • Receipt for payment of court fees
    • Divorce "Turnkey"
    • 6000 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • 1 court hearing
    • Obtaining a ready court decision
    • Premium Divorce Package
    • 12500 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • All court hearings
    • Obtaining a ready court decision