Where to write a declaration of divorce?

Married life is fraught with many difficulties, which not everyone can overcome. When it becomes impossible to stay together in a marriage further, the spouses have to disperse, willy-nilly. This is where the question arises: where to write a statement of divorce? There are several answers depending on a number of circumstances.

Где писать заявление о разводе 1What determines the place of filing for a divorce?

The first and one of the most significant circumstances is the presence of children. If the spouses have joint minor children, then it will be possible to divorce only through the courts. The fact is that the state helps to strengthen the family and ensure the family upbringing of each child, therefore, before a couple can separate, they will need to sort out the distribution of responsibility for children.

In this case, divorce is possible only through the courts. At the same time, in addition to the standard package of documents for divorce, it will be necessary to draw up an agreement “On the upbringing and maintenance of a child after the parents divorce.” This document ensures that children receive everything they need to grow up normally. It is better to entrust the drafting of the contract to a lawyer, and also remember to notarize it.

Another important point in determining the place of filing documents for divorce is the mutual consent of the spouses. If one of the couple does not want to disperse, then divorce is possible unilaterally, but only through a court. In this case, the initiator of the separation must draw up a statement of claim for divorce.

With the mutual consent of the spouses to divorce and the absence of joint children, the couple can divorce through the civil registry office. This is the easiest and fastest way. In addition, in this case, it is possible to submit a package of documents online on the state website “Appeal in the field of state registration of acts of civil status.”


Where to write a declaration of divorce?

Considering all of the above, there are three places where you can apply for divorce:

  • Court;
  • RAGS;
  • The Internet.

Где писать заявление о разводе 2
After the spouses have decided which institution to go to, they will need to collect a package of documents and submit it to the Civil Registry Office or the court, which are located in the area of ​​registration of one of them. But this rule only works if both spouses agree to a divorce. If a disputable situation arises, the plaintiff submits an application to the judicial institution at the place of registration of the defendant.

It is also worth noting that when submitting documents to the Civil Registry Office, the spouses write a joint application for divorce, which consists of two parts. Husband and wife each fill their part. Moreover, if someone fails to appear at the authorized body due to employment, illness, etc., then it is allowed to fill out their part of the house and certify the signature with a notary. In this case, the second spouse submits a fully completed application.

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