Quick divorce in Kiev

A quick divorce in Kiev may be needed at any time. First of all, in order to obtain a certificate of divorce. This document is necessary in different areas of life, so you should take care of getting it in advance. But it so happens that for some reason, the ex-husband and wife pull up to the last with a divorce. It is then that you may need a quick divorce in Kiev. Experienced lawyers will help to carry out this process as quickly as possible.

Why do you need a divorce certificate?

A divorce certificate is a document that officially confirms that the marriage relationship no longer exists. It is issued to spouses in the Civil Registry Office or in court, depending on the circumstances of the divorce. Moreover, this certificate is required in the following cases:
Быстрый развод в Киеве 1

  • entering into a new marriage;
  • claiming alimony;
  • registration for work;
  • registration of benefits, benefits, social payments;
  • buying or selling apartments;
  • moving to another country for permanent residence.

It is because of the need to obtain a divorce certificate that an urgent divorce in Kiev may be required – a rather confusing procedure that depends on many nuances.


Terms of divorce in Kiev

Divorce can last for months if one of the spouses is against the divorce. Also, the process becomes much more complicated if there are common minor children. But in the simplest case, the divorce procedure can be carried out in 30 days. This is the minimum term for a divorce in Kiev or any other city in Ukraine.

Wherever the spouses go to get divorced – to the court or the civil registry office, the marriage will not be dissolved earlier than a month later. This term is given to the husband and wife by law so that they have the opportunity to change their minds. Moreover, if a couple wants to cancel the divorce, they just need to pick up the application.

Where can you order a divorce in Kiev?

Быстрый развод в Киеве 2In order to get a divorce quickly and without problems, you can use the services of our legal service. A team of experienced lawyers in the shortest possible time will prepare a package of documents and take all the necessary actions. You just have to come to the court session, although if you wish, you can do without it – our employee, by proxy, will do everything for you. We have carried out many divorces in Kiev and the region and we know exactly how to do it correctly and without consequences.

All you have to do is provide scans or photocopies:

  • passport data;
  • identification code;
  • marriage certificate;
  • birth certificates of joint minor children (if any).

We also provide legal advice and can separately prepare a statement of claim for divorce in Kiev. We have been dealing with family affairs for several years now and we perfectly understand the needs of the client. Call us right now or order a high-quality “turnkey” divorce through the feedback form.

    • Statement of claim
    • 700 UAH
    • Document analysis
    • Consultation and judicial strategy
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • Receipt for payment of court fees
    • Divorce "Turnkey"
    • 6000 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • 1 court hearing
    • Obtaining a ready court decision
    • Premium Divorce Package
    • 12500 UAH
    • Visiting the court on behalf of
    • Drawing up a lawsuit
    • All court hearings
    • Obtaining a ready court decision