Marriage swindlers: how not to fall for scammers

Marriage swindlers are scammers who use attractive external data and charm to obtain material benefits and other resources from a partner in a love relationship. Falling for the seducer’s tricks is easy. Even people with a critical mindset sometimes fail to recognize dishonest intentions. After all, everyone in his soul longs for true love and family happiness. This is what cunning swindlers use.
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What are the marriage swindlers

It should be understood that marriage swindlers are both women and men. Individuals trying to take advantage of another person are enough from both sides. Another thing is that the goals of scammers are different with varying degrees of ill-intention. That is, to marry a person and sue half of the property or to fall in love with someone and obtain incriminating information, and then blackmail – these are two different things.

It is believed that only people with a large wallet and a large fortune can become a victim of a marriage swindler. Now this is no longer true. The truth is that getting to successful and wealthy individuals is not so easy and scammers can covet property and less wealthy people.

Marriage swindlers can wait anywhere. These types of manipulators can be encountered both in a nightclub and on the street or in a shopping center. Their main task is to imitate the naturalness of acquaintance and charm the victim. They can use different strategies and approaches to gain control over the emotional state of the victim. As a result, all their actions are aimed at obtaining certain benefits of a material or other nature.

Брачные аферисты 2With the development of social networks and the Internet, more and more scams are working online. This is a great place to find and attract victims. Moreover, both a resident of his native country and a citizen of a generally more developed and economically strong state can be a swindler. Therefore, you should not think that wealthy foreigners will not take our modest belongings.

Ways to protect against fraudsters

In order to somehow protect yourself from marriage swindlers, you must use some rules for communicating with new acquaintances:

  1. Firstly, you should not tell unfamiliar people who show sympathy about your financial condition and property registered on you. But if a potential fraudster has already found out about the size of your capital, then it is worth mentioning a glimpse of a downturn in business or impending ruin. This can scare off someone with dishonest intentions.
  2. Secondly, you should not bring new acquaintances to your home if they persistently ask or hint at it. This behavior indicates bad plans.
  3. Thirdly, a person’s excessive secrecy should be alarming. If a new friend constantly changes his phone number or does not give it at all, while refusing to communicate with your environment, then this is also a suspicious signal.
  4. Fourth, marriage swindlers will never allow their passport details to be recorded or photographs of their faces. And, in general, they will give out as little information about themselves as possible that can help find them.
  5. One of the most effective ways to reveal a person’s dishonest intentions is to offend or anger him in some way. And without any particular reason. Such behavior in a normal person should cause resentment and discourage the desire to communicate. If the person continues to stick anyway, then something is unclean.
  6. If the relationship still develops, then before legalizing them, it is better to conclude a marriage contract. This will prevent the possibility of divorce and the receipt of half of the property by the dishonest spouse.

Also, in the case when the marriage is concluded and there is a suspicion that the spouse wants to receive only material benefits from his soulmate and at the same time behaves inadequately, you can file a lawsuit to declare the marriage invalid. But you need to prove that he is.