Answers on questions

Question #15

Hello. Can you please tell me, I have been officially divorced for about six months and now I want to file alimony for my husband, we have 2 disabled children, 1 joint child and 1 child adopted by my husband! The husband wants to help his own child and not the adopted one. In this situation, I can apply for 2 children as I want, or still for a joint child with my husband for alimony, and how much will the amount be for a disabled child?
It is possible to apply for two, the amount in part of the income of 1/3 for two children or a fixed amount, it is possible to include in the alimony fixed costs for medical services (additional costs). Consultation is required to clarify the details.

Question #14

Good afternoon. I am interested in what terms of appointment of a court after an accident? The accident itself happened in early September 2018. There was practically no damage to more than one car. There was a light touch and then there was a small scratch. After 3 hours of waiting, police officers arrived, drew up a protocol and explained that within 1.5 months a notification of the appointment of a court would come and if within 3 months no one called anywhere, you can score it at all. I only got a call today and told the date of the trial on February 11. That is, both the notification and the court itself are appointed in half a year from the moment of the accident. How legal is this and is there really any time frame for notifying and appointing a court about an accident? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing.
In Ukraine, this is the normal period for considering such cases. The notification comes after the opening of the court proceedings, and most likely it was delivered within the established procedural deadline.

Question # 13

Good afternoon! Tell me please, we had an accident, it was my fault that my car skidded and I hit another car. There was a trial, but only me was on trial. The one whose car I hit was not on trial. I paid a court fee at the bank and a fine. About 800 UAH Then I was given a court decision. And I went and took my license. But they ask me to provide a coupon with which they gave me my driver’s license. Why do they need my coupon? And another question I still do not understand, will there be any more trial? Who will pay the damage? Because I hit that car hard enough!


  1. Rather, they mean a temporary certificate that was issued when a driver’s license was withdrawn.
  2. Yes, there will be a second court, if the amount of damage and compensation was not established at the first. Either the victim or the insurance company will initiate, and then they will tighten it.

Question #12

Hello, I want to divorce my husband, we have a common adult child (21 years old), we have no common property, and we have no claims to each other, now the question is: Can we divorce through the Civil Registry Office without a Court? Thanks in advance.
Answer: yes, you can divorce through the Civil Registry Office, for this you and your spouse must personally come and submit an application, and then the two of you come and receive a divorce certificate, otherwise it will not come into legal force. I draw your attention to the fact that you will not be able to get a divorce through the Civil Registry Office by proxy.

Question #11

Living in Kiev, can you get a court decision on divorce which took place in Kirovograd?
You can send an application for a court decision to Kirovograd by mail. But there is no guarantee that they will send a response.

Question #10

Hello, can you tell me how to proceed? my husband works in St. Petersburg I want to file for alimony registered in the luhansk region from time to time he sends money at the moment I’m negotiating with him so that he would indicate to me the amount that he can pay every month to indicate in the statement of claim but if it does not work out what to do of course, he will not come to court, every year he receives a patent for the right to work there, can I somehow through the embassy in case of not paying alimony to complain about him ???
You must first get a court decision on the recovery of alimony in Ukraine. In the claim, indicate a part of the income and not a specific amount. And then through the Ministry of Justice for help in the execution of the court decision on the territory of Russia.

Question #9

Hello, I want to divorce my husband, but we have a shared apartment and one minor child, what is the best way to carry out the procedure not to the detriment of the child and me.
The procedure for divorce is usual. It is necessary to sue and it depends on who is the owner of the apartment according to the documents and who actually paid the money, this should be the starting point. To save on court fees, you need your spouse to file a lawsuit.

Question #8

Hello! The ex-husband has not paid alim since 2008. (more precisely, once every six months, or once a year 300 UAH) I took it to execute. service a certificate stating that he does not pay and does not come to them. What other documents do I need in court?
Hello, you can get financial assistance from the state. In court, you can ask for a penalty for non-payment of child support. In the executive service, you can apply for criminal prosecution for non-payment of alimony.

Question #7

Can the husband, upon divorce, draw up a legal paper stating that he is not against the dissolution of the marriage, while not being present at the court. Thanks.
Yes, if you file a statement of claim for divorce, he can write a statement to consider the case in his absence and submit personally or notarized through you.

Question #6

How much does it cost to change a passport after a divorce, and how long will it take?
Wait about a month, keep mito 34 UAH.

Question #5

Hello, my ex-husband pays alimony for his 11-year-old son in the amount of 30% of his salary, in March I gave birth to his second son, whose support he refuses. Do I have the right to file a claim to award him alimony for the maintenance of me and my second child, and in what amount, will there still be payment for the first child? I am disabled of the 1st group.

If in the birth certificate he is indicated as a father, then you have the right to go to court with a claim for the recovery of alimony for yourself and for the second child, the maximum amount of alimony is 50%, you can ask for 20% in addition to the 30% you already receive. Payments for the first child will remain.

Question #4

My husband and I got married in Russia, now having received a court decision on divorce, I was presented with the fact that I had to translate into Russian and incur additional costs accordingly. Really charging 551 gr. the state is unable to publish the decision in Russian either. Is this a legal requirement?
In Ukraine, you cannot be required to have documents in Russian, only in Ukrainian. Other states have their own requirements.

Question #3

If the child is 5 years old and vision problems (dysbinocular amblyopia, squint in one eye and astigmatism), my husband and I have been divorced for 4 years. He pays alimony 30% of the salary, but I treat the child myself. Does the amount of alimony depend on such a diagnosis?
If there are confirmed expenses for treatment, then part or all of it can be added to the alimony. However, alimony 30% most likely they were assigned to you before the child reaches 3 years old. Therefore, when you reapply, if your husband insists, you can be assigned alimony 1/4 of your income + confirmed treatment costs.

Question #2

The next question about alimony interests. I am the father of a 14 year old child, I have been raising myself from the age of 8. The mother got married in Italy. No one takes part in the upbringing and development of the child. Accordingly, the child does not provide financial support. At the same time, he crosses the border of his homeland at least once a year (flight, hotel 5 days in the city center. About 1200 EURO goes out). There was a question about alimony, I can no longer cope on my own. I do not have a permanent income, tk. the child is sickly. Naturally, the mother has no money for the child. How much to file for child support? Or a percentage? If a percentage, then from what amount, from the average salary of Ukraine or Italy?
Hello, you need to file a claim for the appointment of alimony. In Ukraine, you can demand 1/4 of the income for one child, or a fixed amount that you think is reasonable, with indexation. However, if the defendant has no income on the territory of Ukraine, then it will be necessary to prove the presence of income and expenses, a minimum amount will be assigned. You can also collect alimony from the defendant’s income in Italy according to a separate procedure.

Question #1

Hello. What does the theft of UAH 4,000 from the store’s safe entail?

To clearly answer this question, it is necessary to understand more of the circumstances of the case, since they significantly affect the type of punishment. In general, you can be guided by Article 185 of the Code of Ukraine. If there are no aggravating circumstances, then part 1 will apply.