Registration of TIN in Ukraine

An individual tax number or TIN is a unique 10-digit code that is assigned to every citizen of Ukraine. This document is issued when a citizen reaches the age of fourteen. Registration of TIN in Ukraine has become mandatory since 1996. The introduction of the identification code made life easier for both the tax authorities and the citizens themselves. With it, it is possible to find out the entire tax history of any individual.

Оформление ИНН в Украине 1Who needs a TIN in Ukraine?

An individual tax number is required for any individual citizen of Ukraine, as well as a non-resident who plans to engage in commercial activities in the country. Without this document, you will not be able to get a job, open a bank account, buy an apartment, receive an inheritance and much more. Some educational institutions may require an indication number, although they are not legally allowed to do so. But it is much easier to get a TIN for a child than to sue.

If obtaining an identification number contradicts the religious beliefs of an individual, then he has the right to refuse it. In this case, tax accounting of activities is kept in a special state register based on the data of the passport.

Where can I get a TIN in Ukraine?

Obtaining an individual tax number takes place at the State Fiscal Service. Usually, for registration of a TIN, the district STI is applied at the place of registration, but it is also possible to exercise this right at the place of receipt of income or the location of another object of taxation.

How to get a TIN in Ukraine?

To issue an indicator code, you will need to fill out a taxpayer registration card in one of the authorized bodies. The form can be downloaded or received on site in hard copy. The following data is entered into it:

  • Date of Birth;
  • place of registration and citizenship (for non-residents);
  • passport data: number, series, place and date of issue.

Оформление ИНН в Украине 2
You must have a passport with you. For reinsurance, it is better to make copies of your passport data. You can submit an application yourself, as well as with the help of a legal representative or an authorized person. In addition, it is possible to send the completed form by registered mail or via the Internet on the SFSU website. If a minor needs a TIN in Ukraine, then a parent draws up the document for him.

Within 5 working days, tax officials must prepare a document for issuance. After this period you will be able to collect your individual tax number.

    • Obtaining TIN
    • 1000 UAH
    • 5 w.d.
    • Departure of a specialist
    • Preparation of documents
    • Issuance of a finished TIN