What documents are needed for registration of a TIN in Ukraine?

TIN (individual tax number) is issued to all citizens of Ukraine upon reaching the age of 14, but if necessary, the document can be obtained earlier. The presence of a personal code enables the tax authorities to keep detailed records of the financial activities of any individual. An identification number may be needed in completely different cases: when applying for a subsidy, pension, admission to a university or even a kindergarten. At the same time, one of the first questions when a need arises for this document is what documents are needed to issue a TIN in Ukraine?
Какие документы нужны для оформления ИНН в Украине 1

What determines the list of documents for TIN?

The list of documents that will be required for registration of an identification number may be different and depends on several factors. There are three cases in which this list differs:

  • Obtaining a TIN after 14 years;
  • Getting TIN up to 14 years old;
  • Registration of TIN by a non-citizen of Ukraine.

Moreover, in the case of a child, one of the parents receives the document. Also, an individual tax number can be issued through an authorized person.

Documents required for registration of TIN after 14

Usually, in this case, the individual receives his personal tax number at the same time as the passport is issued. To get a TIN, they contact the district tax office at the place of residence. You will need to submit the following documents:

  • a completed registration application card;
  • original passport and a copy.

If the procedure is performed through a representative, then you will additionally need to provide a power of attorney issued for him, as well as his passport.

Getting TIN up to 14 years old

In order to order an identification code, the child will need the help of a representative. This can be a parent, guardian or any other person who has the rights to represent the interests of the minor. The representative submits an application to the tax office or any other authorized body that he wants to get a TIN for his child. In general, you will need the following documents:

  • completed registration card application;
  • original passport and a copy;
  • original birth certificate and a copy;
  • a document confirming the place of registration of the child (an extract from the house register or a certificate from the housing office).

Какие документы нужны для оформления ИНН в Украине 2
An individual tax number must be made within 5 days. When submitting documents not at the place of registration, the production time increases to 10 days.

Registration of TIN by a non-citizen of Ukraine

If you are interested in what documents a non-resident needs to register a TIN in Ukraine, then the answer is as follows:

  • completed application card;
  • copy and original of the passport;
  • translation of passport data into Ukrainian certified by a notary;
  • a notarized power of attorney for a representative, if issued through a proxy.

Moreover, if the power of attorney was issued abroad, then it will need to be legalized or apostilled. It is also worth noting that the translation of passport data is not required if the foreigner has a permanent residence permit.

    • Obtaining TIN
    • 1000 UAH
    • 5 w.d.
    • Departure of a specialist
    • Preparation of documents
    • Issuance of a finished TIN