Change of director in Ukraine

Смена директора в Украине 1Any enterprise sooner or later faces such a task as a change of director. This is a rather troublesome and time-consuming process. And if the firm does not have a lawyer, then it will take a lot of effort to figure out how to properly replace the current director with a new one. The change of the head in Ukraine takes place in several stages.

First step

The first step is to draw up the minutes of the meeting of the founders, in which a decision is made to dismiss the existing leader and hire a new one. If the company is owned by one founder, then a decision of the founder is drawn up to change the director. The protocol may indicate different reasons for replacing the head:

  • Leaving at your own request;
  • End of the term of office of the director;
  • By agreement of the parties;
  • Death of the director;
  • Re-election.

Also, dismissal may be due to unsatisfactory work of the manager or violation of the terms of the contract.

When drawing up the protocol, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, otherwise the state registrar may not accept it. The document must contain a list of TOV members, a list of invited persons, voting and signatures. The date on which the new director is hired must be next after the date the old one was dismissed.

Second phase

At this stage, it is necessary to prepare a complete package of documents for changing the director. It includes:
Смена директора в Украине 2

  • Minutes of the meeting of founders;
  • Order for the appointment of a director;
  • Power of attorney for an authorized person;
  • Copies of the passport data of the old and new head;
  • Completed registration card #4.

The order for the appointment of a director is issued by a new leader, based on the minutes of the meeting of founders. The date in the order must be indicated the one on which the director actually took office.

The power of attorney is issued for a full-time employee of the company or for another individual. It should indicate the passport details of the attorney, the place of submission of documents, as well as a list of permitted actions. The power of attorney is certified by the acting director.

In the form #4, the data of the new director and the name of the enterprise are indicated, the action to change the head is noted and a signature and seal is put on each page of the card. The new director signs the form.

Stage three

After collecting all the necessary documents, they are submitted to the regional state registrar. The state fee for registration is also paid in the amount of UAH 600. If all the papers are drawn up correctly, then the inspector enters the data into the register and issues an extract confirming the changes made.

You will also need to contact the state statistics authorities to obtain a new statistics certificate. In Ukraine, it is now not required to visit the State Tax Inspection, since the data on the change of director is submitted there automatically.

Stage four

The last stage is the replacement of bank cards signed by the director with new ones. To do this, you need to certify the cards with the signature of the head and the seal of the enterprise at the notary, as well as prepare a package of documents for the bank:Смена директора в Украине 3

  • Cards with signatures;
  • Passport and identification code;
  • The minutes of the meeting of the founders and the order of appointment confirming the powers of the director.

The bank may require additional documents, therefore, it is better to check the complete list of papers with a bank employee beforehand.

Help of professionals when changing a director in Ukraine

It is possible to order a turnkey director change registration on our legal web portal. Experienced specialists know all the nuances of this procedure and will be able to complete it as soon as possible. All you need to do this is to pay for the services of lawyers and provide the following documents:

  • Extract or certificate of state registration of the enterprise.
  • Copies of the passport and identification code of the old and new director.
  • Statistics reference.
  • Form 4 certificates – OPP.
  • The latest version of the charter.
  • Order to dismiss the previous director.