Family and inheritance law


Such a concept as adoption evokes different responses in society. Some people are not ready to raise other people’s children, and some take several kids into their family. The trend is that more and more couples agree to become adoptive parents if they have enough funds for raising. But most come to this question because […]

Брачный договор

Sometimes, in order to avoid possible conflicts on the basis of property relations, the newlyweds can conclude a marriage contract. This practice has long been known abroad, but it is not yet widespread in our country. Such agreements in our country are associated with something immoral, with a feeling of mistrust between spouses, therefore they […]

развод 1

According to statistics, three out of four marriages in Ukraine break up in the first five years of marriage. This state of affairs is not encouraging, but nevertheless, if the relationship did not work out and it is not possible to establish them in any way, then why spoil each other’s nerves. Let everyone go […]

Вступление в наследство 1

Probably everyone dreams of receiving a million dollars as an inheritance from some distant foreign relative. Of course, that would be great, many have already imagined how they bathe in a pile of green bills. But in everyday life, this happens quite rarely. Nevertheless, it will be useful for anyone to know how the inheritance […]

Алименты на детей

In Ukraine, parents are obliged to support their children until they come of age, that is, up to 18 years. Sometimes this circumstance causes a lot of controversy and disagreement, because not everyone succeeds in maintaining the well-being and integrity of the family. In such situations, the issue of paying alimony for children arises and […]