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Как получить апостиль в Киеве

It may be necessary to obtain an apostille in Kiev in a variety of cases: for training, employment, moving, marriage registration, divorce and other actions abroad. Any situations involving the use of Ukrainian official documents in another country require their legalization. Only the affixing of a special stamp in one of the state institutions of […]

Легализация документов в Украине

Legalization of documents is the process of giving legal force to documents received in Ukraine for use on the territory of another state. Thanks to this procedure, you will be able to submit any Ukrainian official papers to the government agencies of the country that you need. The main purpose of legalization is to confirm […]

Как быстро получить ИНН в Украине

An individual tax number is required for every citizen of Ukraine. Therefore, the question: how to quickly get a TIN for many is very relevant. The document is issued in one of the branches of the state fiscal service. At the same time, according to the law, the TIN can be obtained no earlier than […]

Оформление ИНН в Украине

An individual tax number or TIN is a unique 10-digit code that is assigned to every citizen of Ukraine. This document is issued when a citizen reaches the age of fourteen. Registration of TIN in Ukraine has become mandatory since 1996. The introduction of the identification code made life easier for both the tax authorities […]

получить ИНН иностранцу

To conduct an active activity or business on the territory of Ukraine, a foreigner needs a registration card of an individual paying taxes or an individual tax number. This condition is spelled out in the Law of Ukraine “On the State Register of Individuals – Payers of Taxes and Other Mandatory Payments.” To obtain a […]

Налоги в Украине_1

For our country, experiments with tax legislation have become commonplace. The latest changes were made at the beginning of 2016 when the new tax code was adopted. So how have taxes changed in Ukraine and what should taxpayers pay attention to in the first place? Individual taxes Instead of last year’s income rates set at […]