Traffic accident registration

The number of road traffic accidents is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because with an increase in the number of car owners, the risk of getting into an accident also increases. In addition, the quality of the roads does not contributeОформление ДТП_2 to safe driving. If such a disaster has already happened, then it is necessary to follow some rules of conduct in the event of an accident.

First actions in case of an accident

  1. Immediately after the collision, you must stop the car and put on the handbrake. Turn off the engine and turn on the emergency gang. Only then can you get out of the car.
  2. For the safety of other road users, you need to install an emergency stop sign, thereby protecting the scene.
  3. If there are casualties, you should call an ambulance, and if necessary, provide first aid.
  4. It is necessary to call the police and report the incident, as well as record the contact details of eyewitnesses to the accident and its participants.
  5. Drugs or alcohol must not be consumed until the arrival of medical personnel.
  6. The safety of the scene and all traces should be ensured by making a detour and making notes in chalk.
  7. Stay put and wait for the arrival of the police officers.

Traffic accident registration

After the arrival of the police, the registration of an accident begins. This process can take quite a long time, so you should calm down and fulfill all the requests of the traffic police.

  1. An accident diagram is drawn up. It will not be superfluous to take part in measurements and at the same time make sure that everything is accurate. The diagram should display the following:
  • Road section of the incident;
  • Stable landmarks, such as pillars or structures that snap to the trail of an accident;
  • Vehicle linked to local landmarks;
  • Braking distances;
  • Road width;Оформление ДТП_3
  • Road markings;
  • The width of the sidewalks.
  1. It is advisable not to give any oral evidence, as this can be used against you. The right not to testify is guaranteed by Art. 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine.
  2. When writing an explanation, you should describe everything in as much detail as possible. If you are not guilty, then you need to provide supporting information: the driving speed was permissible, the movement was at a green traffic light, the car was in the correct lane, etc. If you are still the culprit of the accident, then you must refer to extenuating circumstances, such as poor road surface condition, incorrectly placed road signs, bad weather. This can reduce the penalty.
  3. Correct registration of an accident requires the application of written evidence from eyewitnesses of the accident. Their absence can be considered as a violation of the rules for processing materials by police officers.
  4. It is better not to refuse to undergo a medical examination, as this will be a confirmation of being in a sober state at the time of the accident.
  5. You should carefully review the protocol drawn up by the inspector and if there are any comments, then express them. At the end of the form there should be an inscription “familiarized with the protocol”, if there is something else, you need to change the words to “familiarized” and only then sign.

Actions after an accident

After the registration of an accident is completed, it is necessary to perform a number of important steps.

  1. Within three days, file a case with an insurance company to receive compensation for damage. It will not be possible to immediately receive the funds, they can be counted on only after the court makes a decision.
  2. It is advisable to consult a lawyer about this situation.
  3. It is better to be present at the court session in person, you can not wait for the summons, so you should know the date in advance.
  4. You need to get a copy of the court decision, which is issued at the office. It can be picked up in a week.
  5. To return a driver’s license from the district traffic police, you will have to provide a copy of the decision and a receipt for payment of the fine (duplicate and original), if such was assigned. It is also necessary to return the temporary driver’s license.