Deprivation of driver’s license for alimony in Ukraine

Due to the fact that the number of cases on the enforced recovery of alimony in Ukraine continues to grow, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada decided to strengthen the responsibility for non-payment. In 2017, more than 600 thousand residents of the country tried to evade their responsibilities to provide for their minor children. Therefore, now malicious non-payment of alimony for more than 6 months will be punished by deprivation of a driver’s license.

Лишение водительских прав за алименты в Украине 1Main innovations in the law on alimony

According to the new laws, persons who deliberately evade the payment of alimony for more than six months may be temporarily deprived of the right to drive a vehicle. For this, the state executor applies to the police with an appropriate resolution, which terminates the validity of the certificate. The Ministry of Justice hopes that such a punishment will contribute to a more responsible attitude to this issue. In addition, a number of additional measures were added to strengthen liability for non-payment of alimony for more than 6 months:

  • now the debtor cannot travel abroad until the debt is paid off;
  • the defaulter is deprived of the right to prohibit or permit the child to travel to another country;
  • the debtor can no longer have a gun or hunting permit;
  • a defaulter can be forced to perform community service for more than 2 months, payment for which is sent to the recipient of the alimony.

In addition, the legislator ruled that when filing for alimony, the court no longer charges any fees and commissions. This facilitates the process of obtaining alimony for people in need.

The nuances of deprivation of rights for alimony

Лишение водительских прав за алименты в Украине
At the same time, there are some exceptions in the law regarding non-payers of alimony who need a driver’s license to work. These include: the military, taxi drivers, employees of transport companies, etc. These exceptions are explained very simply – after all, if the alimony is deprived of the opportunity to earn, then he will not be able to pay the debt.

It is also worth noting that when sanctions are imposed on a malicious defaulter, he has the right to appeal these decisions. But he must have objective and compelling reasons because of which he could not pay child support for more than six months.

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